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Improve the performance of your USB device, stop crashes, and unlock hidden hardware features with new drivers from Driver Fetch!

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Driver Fetch automatically updates your USB device drivers.

Using the correct driver for your PC's USB device will give you dramatic performance and stability improvements. Using the wrong driver - or no driver at all - can cause crashes, slow-downs, and critical errors.

Obviously, you need drivers that are 100% compatible with your USB device. But how can you be sure you're using the right ones?

Driver Fetch automatically detects the exact manufacturer, model, and revision of your USB device with 100% accuracy. It then references its massive database of over 100,000 USB drivers to find one that matches your system configuration.

With its 100% success rate in identifying USB devices, Driver Fetch is the preferred solution for automatically and quickly installing new USB drivers. Download it now and never worry again about fatal errors and slow performance due to missing USB drivers..

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Works with Windows XP, Vista, & 7

Driver Fetch scans your system and automatically updates your USB device drivers in just 2 minutes. Our product is backed by a 100% guarantee. Download it now to update your USB drivers.

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  • License: Free scan; $39.95 to buy
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  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, & 7 (32/64)
  • Date released: December 26, 2008
  • Last updated: March 23, 2010

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Automatically download new USB device drivers with Driver Fetch.

Installing the correct drivers for your USB device is absolutely critical for your system's stability and performance. Don't take any chances installing drivers manually - get the right driver every time with Driver Fetch. Driver Fetch is 100% guaranteed to download new USB device drivers for your computer.

USB driver problem Automatic solution Manual solution
I can't find the model number of my USB device - but I need to update its drivers! Driver Fetch as a 100% success rate at identifying all USB devices. Use Driver Fetch's fast scan to automatically identify your USB device and download the correct drivers for it. If you have a desktop computer, open its case and physically inspect your USB device, looking for a model number and manufacturer. Alternatively, refer to the specification sheet that should have come with your computer.
The manufacturer's website doesn't have the USB device driver I need Let Driver Fetch handle it! Driver Fetch has a massive driver database of over one million entries, dating all the way back to 1994. Driver Fetch can recommend legacy or generic drivers that will keep your hardware working long after the manufacturer has stopped supporting it. Try and find the driver you need on a driver forum or repository site. Be careful not to install the wrong one.
My PC always gets "blue screens", and the error report says that it's because of the hardware driver for my USB device! Your computer is suffering from outdated, buggy, or incorrect USB device drivers. Update your USB drivers automatically with Driver Fetch. Contact the support line for your USB device manufacturer, and follow their instructions.
I just reinstalled Windows on my computer but I can't find the disk for my USB device drivers - what should I do? Driver Fetch was made for this! Even if you did have the disk for your USB device, the drivers on it would be out-of-date. Use Driver Fetch to get the latest USB drivers. Most manufacturers allow you to send away for a new driver disk. Try contacting tech support and requesting a driver disk for your USB device.
When I boot up my computer or try to connect my USB device, I get a "Hardware not recognized" or "Driver installation failed" error - help! To allow your computer to communicate correctly with your hardware, you need the most compatible drivers available. Driver Fetch's fast and accurate driver scan is guaranteed to detect your USB device and properly install its drivers. Try using the manufacturer's website, or other online resources, to find a driver that works better for you. Before installing it, make sure to create a system restore point.

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Works with Windows XP, Vista, & 7

Update your USB device drivers now! Download Driver Fetch to get the safest, most accurate drivers for your computer. Driver Fetch is 100% supported and 100% guaranteed.

Driver Fetch is the safest and most efficient way to download new USB device drivers.

With a database of hundreds of thousands of drivers for all kinds of USB devices, Driver Fetch is the recommended utility for downloading the drivers you need. In just 2 minutes, get the latest official drivers for your USB device. Your new drivers will stop blue screens and other errors, as well as improve the performance and stability of your PC.

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